A downloadable game for Windows

Yes, you read that right! A first-person shooter in Game Maker! Made with nothing but 2D game logic and Draw commands! To be honest, this is more of a tech demo than a complete game, but I'm proud of my work nonetheless.

I made this back in 2016 as a challenge to myself after being inspired by the classic Doom games (even though they use binary space partitioning... but I digress). So if you're wondering about the vaguely demonic enemies, prerendered graphics, and heavy metal MIDI (heavy MIDIL?) soundtrack, that's why.

This was supposed to be a minigame in a larger project, but I had to end up abandoning both of them. As such, this game uses the random level generator from that game.

A little while ago, I decided to update the code to be more efficient. By letting the depth be controlled through separated objects instead of having to run a whole sorting algorithm, I was able to double the vertical and horizontal resolutions of the walls. Just look at all those crisp, clean, 32x64 pixel wall textures! Of course, the depth revealed the limitations of the engine, so don't be surprised if you see blue dots on the screen; those are just what the enemies actually look like.


WASD: Movement

Mouse: Look

1, 2, 3, 4: Switch Weapons

TAB: Pause the game

ESC: Quit the game

Enter: Skip to the next level

CTRL: Restart the game from Level 1

Known Bugs Features

  • You cannot die; your health just goes into the negatives
  • The exit to each stage is invisible. Use Enter to skip the next level.
  • Blue dots appear on screen from time to time. These are actually how the game sees enemies. 
  • By walking directly into a corner, you can get stuck. 


Raycaster_20Sept2019.exe 12 MB

Install instructions

Just download and run the executable!


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Can you tell me how you managed to change the sky in a parallax picture? As far as I can see this is impossible in Raycasting Game Maker.

It's been a loooong while since I made this game, but I think the trick was to create the skybox as a repeating Background, then changing the X offset relative to the player's angle