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My submission for Ludum Dare 41: Combine 2 incompatible genres. A rhythm racing game with a blend of medieval and techno aesthetics.

Tapping on beats 1 and 3 makes your hoverhorse gain acceleration but lose turning controls (this spawns a blue cone around you). Tapping on beats 2 and 4 makes you turn faster but lose speed (yellow cone). If you pick up a flagon o' nitrous oxide, then you can tap to every eighth beat to activate boost to increase both speed and turning (white cone). If you miss a note (or don't press at all), you lose both speed and control.


W - Apply Thrust

A and D - Turn left and right, respectively

ENTER - Tap to keep the beat



Unity 3D

FL Studio 12


The font style Lucida Handwriting


Since this game is rhythm-based, it is important to have a high frame rate to accurately check your input. If the game feels sluggish, try decreasing the screen size.

The final code uses a small timing offset due to input lag from the testing computer. If you find the game doesn't register your beats, please let me know so I can fix it.

Install instructions

To run this program, unzip the file and run the executable.  The data file and application extension must be in the same folder as the application.


RockinHorse.zip 21 MB
RockinHorseData.zip 111 MB

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