"I know it's down there somewhere. And I won't leave until I've found it."

Explore an abandoned skyscraper in a flooded post-apocalyptic world. Find and trade scrap metal to expand your salvaging capabilities and explore deeper into the building. What will you find down there?

NOTE: You NEED to purchase the Pink Keycard in order to win, so don't run out of things to salvage.

ALSO NOTE: While you can swim upwards when you first spawn, there's nothing up there

My entry for Ludum Dare 48: "Deeper and Deeper". You can rate it here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/plunge-1

4/26/2021: POST JAM UPDATE 1: Based on feedback, updated the HTML version with the following minor fixes: 

  • Increased starting air supply by 50%
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when ESC was pressed
  • Fixed a bug where the aiming reticule would not accurately represent where the click is
  • Introduced a new bug where the end cutscene will repeat if you try to restart the game. Whoops. Oh well, you've already finished the game at that point, just refresh the page if you want to play it again.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder (Right-click -> Extract All...) and run the executable. Be sure not to move any of the files around


plunge. - Windows Version.zip 27 MB
plunge. - Mac Version.app.zip 38 MB
plunge. - Linux Version.zip 44 MB
plunge. - Source Code.zip 659 MB


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Pretty cool - it's neat

Couldn't figure out what to do with the pink card

The whole game is a little dark - good for the mood, the vibe - but a bit cumbersome for gameplay

Take care peace