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My submission for Ludum Dare 40: "The more you have, the worse it is".

My game takes place at the end of an RPG from almost 20 years ago. Its lore is as dense as a black hole, with combat as complex as neurosurgery. And you've skipped past the tutorial to the final level. You better catch up quick is you want to survive.

...That was the plan, at least. The final product after 48 hours of work was a barebones turn-based combat system with all the overly complex combat explained through textboxes.

Resources Used:

GameMaker Studio 1

FL Studio 12




-Overall lack of polish (but give me a break here)

-Sudden, jarring transitions out of battle (see above)

-If you fail to flee, the game will crash when you try to attack (okay, my bad)


ENDGAME_LD40.exe 20 MB
LD40_Project.gmx.zip 49 MB

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