A downloadable game for Windows

("The Stinger", according to Google Translate)

A fighting game where you can't directly fight back. Instead, you have to make the enemy hurt themselves on your blocks.

The Bout to Knock the Other Guy Out!

You play as El Escozor, the world's greatest boxing cactus, in the title fight against the reigning champion, The Jacked Rabbit. Only problem: you're not allowed to fight back. Thankfully, your spiked body hurts him every time he attacks. And, with every successful block, your razor-sharp flower blooms a little bit more! Jab him with that and it will really hurt!

Incomplete; you can neither win nor lose, there are no sound effects, few textures, the hit detection is wonky and the animation is stiff. 

CONTROLS: Uses Arrow Keys or WASD.

Up / W: High Block. Blocking reduces incoming damage and makes your flower bloom a little.

Down / S: Low Block

Right / D: Dodge. Successful dodging restores some health

Left / A: Headbutt. Can only be used when your flower blooms, and only causes damage if used during an enemy attack. Causes massive damage if it connects.

Made with Unity, Blender, and FL Studio.


El Escozor!.zip 16 MB
El Escozor Unity Project.zip 20 MB


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Sorry that you didn't manage to finish this, but loving the character designs so far. Check out my reaction below: