Deep Sleep is a horror-themed third person shooter and my entry for Fragment Jam 2019, a jam where we took an old project we never released and breathed new life into it. Explore a randomly generated nightmarish world and survive for as long as possible. You can play it in your browser here, but I recommend downloading a standalone version for optimal performance.

A World of Sleep was the top-down arcade/horror game I based Deep Sleep on. I made it in Summer 2014 but never released it. There are two versions available: the original, uncut game, and a version that starts you on the nightmare section. Both versions, as far as I know, are Windows exclusives.


Arrow Keys - Move

Z (hold) - Sprint

F4 - Toggle Fullscreen

P - Pause

Space - Start the game

ESC - Close the game

Install instructions

Run the executable (A World of Sleep)

Unzip the folder and run the executable. Do not move or rename any of the folders (Deep Sleep)


A World of Sleep.exe 4 MB
AWOS_StartOnNightmare.exe 4 MB
Deep Sleep (Windows Version).zip 37 MB
Deep Sleep (Mac OS X Version) 41 MB
Deep Sleep (Linux Version).zip 43 MB


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i couldnt kill anything. either aim is broken or these things are invincible


Did try it though! STupid stream had to come almost all without sound :c