Deep Sleep is a horror-themed third person shooter and my entry for Fragment Jam 2019, a jam where we took an old project we never released and breathed new life into it. Explore a randomly generated nightmarish world and survive for as long as possible. You can play it in your browser here, but I recommend downloading a standalone version for optimal performance.

A World of Sleep was the top-down arcade/horror game I based Deep Sleep on. I made it in Summer 2014 but never released it. There are two versions available: the original, uncut game, and a version that starts you on the nightmare section. Both versions, as far as I know, are Windows exclusives.


Arrow Keys - Move

Z (hold) - Sprint

F4 - Toggle Fullscreen

P - Pause

Space - Start the game

ESC - Close the game


A World of Sleep.exe 4 MB
AWOS_StartOnNightmare.exe 4 MB
Deep Sleep (Windows Version).zip 37 MB
Deep Sleep (Mac OS X Version) 41 MB
Deep Sleep (Linux Version).zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Run the executable (A World of Sleep)

Unzip the folder and run the executable. Do not move or rename any of the folders (Deep Sleep)


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i couldnt kill anything. either aim is broken or these things are invincible


Did try it though! STupid stream had to come almost all without sound :c