My submission to Ludum Dare 45: "Start with Nothing." Play as Dayunisi the water beetle as you build the world from nothing but mud and stone! Buzzard will come by every so often to deliver some cash for you. The more surface area you cover, the more he drops!


A, D - Move

W / Space - Jump

Q, E - Change Equipment

Left Mouse Button - Mine block / Place block

Mouse Scroll Wheel - Change zoom level

In the Cherokee creation story, the world was formed when Dayunisi, the Water Beetle, left the sky realm to find more room. When it found only water, it dove to the bottom of it and brought back some mud. This mud began to grow until it became the land mass we know as Earth. 

So here's a Terraria clone. I didn't quite manage to finish it in time, so there's no end goal, the powerups don't actually work, and the map is relatively small.


Download 97 MB

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