A downloadable game for Windows

My entry to the 2 Colors Game Jam. Use your momentum shifter to quickly zip across rooms, take out enemies, and phase through projectiles!

Ran out of time again. Currently unpolished and missing features like stage transitions, energy cooldown, and even player death.

Also, before anyone gets snippy at me, yes, there are some shades of grey on a couple of objects (mostly fast projectiles and the boss' tentacles), yes, it's due to a problem with the game engine, and no, I don't know how to fix it.

Made with Game Maker Studio, FL Studio, and MS Paint.


Arrow Keys: Move left and right; Aim momentum shifter

Z: Jump

X: Charge momentum shifter (hold); fire momentum shifter (release)


BallistiCAT.exe 3 MB
Ballisticat_source.zip 37 MB


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Cool idea, I like the grappling mechanic. But there are some game breaking bugs that should be easy to fix, like the player not dying when he runs out of health. Also many collision bugs, it's very easy to break a level. But it's a cool concept, you might make something really cool out of this.